Hi Sarah
I think as with selling anything in the world, we need to understand who is our potential customer, and why buying this thing is beneficial to your potential customer. Different target customer (e,g a large corporate looks to expand horizontally or vertically, a financial investor, or a manager who wants to own this business) would probably have different concerns to address. After addressing the who and why, we have to address ‘how much’ i.e. the price you sell, and that often comes down to the busineses’ cashflow, operating metrics and most importantly, comparables.

Apologies this is in essence a long winded response saying “without more information about your business I don’t really know the best answer…” (and whether a trademark/copyright is important is also pretty much the same, like if your acquirer just want to buy you as an additional outlet then your brand doesn’t matter – but if onw buys it and run it as standalone business, trademark might be important too.. )