Hi Jai,

It’s great to hear that you are looking to broaden your reach and I agree with Andy and Jonathan that it’s hard to give any specific advice without knowing some more detail. In addition to their advice, can I also suggest that you take a look at NZTE’s InvestEd free online course which will take you through key elements in the capital raising process. It is a great resource for heling businesses unpack the many aspects of raising capital from start to finish. I know a number of businesses who have been contemplating a capital raise that have found this a great place to start. Their “Investment Fix” podcasts are also useful for getting your head around the various options.

My best advice is prepare, prepare, prepare – go into this process well armed with information both about your business and about why you want to capital raise. It is not straightforward or for the fainthearted but with good foundations in place and the right investor(s), it can be a winning formula.

Good luck!