Thanks so much for your question.

A few things to consider before you consider wholesaling your products.

Do you have a viable supply chain eg. design, development, manufacturing set up to be have the capacity for wholesale volumes?

Have you identified your key target markets locally and globally where you would like to sell and their demographics?

Have you identified the types of stores (digital and physical) that you would like to sell through?

Are these stores independently owned or owned by a group or franchise?

Once you have clarity on your supply chain for the volumes required for wholesale, understand who your key customers are and their demographics, identified the types of stores you would like to sell your product to you can either approach the stores directly or through a wholesale distributor.

The other opportunity for wholesaling products is through B2B marketplaces – here is an example of one in Australia for Australian companies to trade with other Australian companies so there could be something similar in New Zealand.

I hope that this answers your question

Please let me know if you have further questions