Congrats on thinking about starting a side hustle that will grow into a full hustle 🙂 .Sure way to go!

My thought is that you also include the fundamentals to your exploring and planning process.

You will need to first validate the idea- that there will be enough market out there that want what you want to sell. So test your idea on a small scale for instance with family and/or friends .If you cannot readily create the pasta as a product , you can have a chat with them and do interviews.Then step out to verify that there are no sentiments from your family and friends( because they know you and may not give the most rational feedback) .So you will need to interface with the proposed users of the products that do not know you and pitch your product or what you want to do to them.Now that restrictions of pandemic may not allow you to totally do this physically , you can create an online survey, run a social media ad for that and see how many clicks that would generated .You could also ask responders how much they will be willing to pay. There are several other ways to validate the idea but these are just a few. The purpose is to know if you are creating a product that people want for a large enough market .If not you can start pivoting to what exactly the market dictates without wasting a lot of resources and time.

You need to also start paying attention to what other people in that space are doing already-even if you are not already on their scale yet because the vision is to be . So what are the things that they are not doing well? What can be improved upon with their offering? What are they not even doing at all? Is there a pain point that you know that customers already experience maybe from personal experience or observation?
You could build your innovation on any of these as your unique value propsition which sets you apart and will give you a thriving chance when you eventually get to market.

Hope this helps and Goodluck!