Morena DJD. Congratulations on your progress so far. You’re in an exciting spot.
I would endorse engaging with NZTE – tho I would also so you get the best out of them if you know what you want.

Which leads to the advisory board/mentor thread. Go for it! No matter how smart and engaged you are with the business and concept, having some one who is one step removed from operations and can offer guidance, perspective and wisdom. You can use their experience to make your business better.

In terms of how you put an advisory board together, you can develop a quick list of your biggest challenges and decisions, and the skills and experience that would help you deal with those situations. Then think style – what personal style will fit well with your team and stretch you in a positive way. That will give you a framework of who would be valuable at the table. NZTE or a mentor may then be able to help you identify people who might be willing to help.

Good luck on the process – look forward to hearing more from your business.