Morena Laura/Equinox – there are a bunch of things here, lets see if we can unpack a bit –
– first, is it appropriate for these activities to make a profit? Reason why I ask is that, if you are making a profit, it can help you fund more activities, and also replace things you use. Making a profit can be helpful. I appreciate it is not always possible, but building up reserves can certainly enable your activities to do more and have more impact.
– 2nd, ‘structure’ – in these days, there are a few challenges with banks and the AML requirements – the various entity options would include Individual, Company (registered), Trust, Charity, Incorporated Society – I think if you do some googling about the various different options it can help – also, maybe search around for similar organisations who are doing what you are in other towns and find out what structure they have/ and/or ask your local council what structures they would advise or maybe they already work.

I wonder what the community centres legal structures are – maybe see if you can find out.

End result – if you can attract resources, ie funding and maybe even profit, then setting up a legal structure like an incorporated society with a bank account could be a good option – if not, then what many people do is use their own bank accounts and/or share the expenses until there is clarity on the future and what it could be.