Hi Megan

I know a lot of professional services firms that use Practice Ignition. You can template the terms of engagement based on what services you are offering.

The benefit of going with a cloud based software solution is that these products are always improving and you can typically contact them for help for no extra cost.

These systems also streamline things for your clients which will increase your chances of delighting the client which will lead to positive word of mouth. I much prefer to receive digital docs that accept digital signatures rather than having to download, print, scan and return.

For quotes and with terms and conditions I also recommend checking out https://www.quotientapp.com which is great NZ made software which could do the trick too.

If you have something bespoke built you’ll always be on the hook for future updates as the software changes.

You can also embed sign up forms into your website so that the client completes the initial information online so you can streamline the process and increase the likelihood the information is entered accurately.

Check out a little guide we’ve written for how to embed practice ignition into your website. The example is for our Rocketspark website builder platform but the principles will easily apply to other web platforms: https://www.manaaki.io/forums/topic/i-would-love-to-find-someone-who-could-help-me-with-microsoft-word-automation-i-spend-hours-on-client-services-agreements-and-know-that-my-process-would-dramatically-improve-if-i-templated-the/

I hope that helps.

Kind regards