Thanks all – total gold.

– really great stuff, I’ve got a heap of angles so I’ll put some time into making them relevant to the publications you’ve suggested. Eep – I definitely sent the Seven Sharp link to a couple (Uno mag for one!). It’s an obvious point not to do that now that you mention, but in the excitement I got trigger happy!Love the 7 elements of newsworthiness – something I learned many moons ago in PR101 but you forget quickly when not doing it all the time. Would love to have you guys out for an experience with us and love even more to have a chat to you; it’s tough not having a sounding board (this forum is acting as this and so much more).

– I have written down ‘thought-leaders’ (I guess the equivalent to influencers but in the corporate space?), but not too sure where to start. LinkedIn? Industry magazines? How can I find these people, any ideas?

– Pat! Yes! I have a friend who know’s someone who’s part of the EA network. I’ll follow up with her for a contact and see what opportunities there are…