Hey Kylie!

Our business has been following yours and we have talked about doing a retreat with you. Fantastic concept, well done!

And well done on the Seven Sharp piece. I would encourage you to put links to any press that you get on your website. E.g. a section that says, As seen on/in X, Y, Z.

The TV piece can become like a free brand video for you!

In terms of other other outlets to try, I’d suggest NBR – they have a small business column. NZ Business Magazine. NZ Marketing. Stuff – the Prosper section. The Propser team can also help you get into the local community newspapers. Your story would also be great in the weekend lift out of the Waikato Times. Good Magazine. Kia Ora Magazine. North and South. Radio NZ The Panel with Wallace Chapman on a Monday.

You will need a slightly different angle for each and your ‘pitch’ email needs to be tailored to the publication. So do your research, read the publications and have a good idea about which segment you think it would work best on in their publications. Think about timing too – perhaps you want to do a push around certain times of the year. I wouldn’t send media the seven sharp piece for leverage. Rather send them a fresh angle.

There are 7 elements of newsworthiness that all journalists are taught to consider when deciding what is news. It is important to consider which of these your angle meets before you pitch it in:

1) Impact – how does this new announcement affect people. E.g. regulations etc
2) Timeliness – how recent is the information
3) Proximity – relevance to a certain area (e.g. local news)
4) Human Interest – feel good stories that leverage human nature
5) Conflict – if there is a disagreement
6) The Bizarre – or unusual. A boardroom in the bush ticks this box!
7) Celebrity – prominent people make well-read news

As you say PR is not a silver bullet and works best when integrated with your social media strategy.

If some one requests advertising and you don’t have the budget you could offer a giveaway of around $500 value.

I’d be happy to have a chat with you if you want any more tips/ideas/contacts. My email is b@bravebear.co.nz.

Ngā mihi and hopefully see you soon in the bush!