Hi Fitzgerald,

Firstly huge congrats on what you’re doing – sounds really awesome and its obviously working which is great. In my mind the best way to expand is to keep ownership across the business (as much as you can). Everyone is different in how they expand and what they want to get out of the business in the end. Is this something you see running moving forward or would a franchise model work where you take a more hands off approach?
The biggest risk when you expand is to make sure you bring the lead people in those regions on the journey with you. Remember the business is working really well at the moment because of YOU. What YOU do for your customers, how YOU market your service and the culture YOU bring to the business. This can be lost as you expand (especially if you expand too quickly). You will need to be mindful that the same energy needs to come from the future team members and/or business partners – far too many businesses have failed because of this.
Again congrats and good luck for the future – feel free to sing out if you want to chat more.