Hi there,
Thanks so much for submitting your query and for your patience in awaiting for a response.
I’ve had a look at your website and Etsy listing too.
This is a huge topic and there possibly are many areas that need to be looked into. Here are some areas to review as a start but there are quite a number more that will need to be looked at:
1. Platforms- it looks like you have presence in various sites eg Etsy as well as having your own website.
To be able to convert on each of these formats, there are different levers.
Eg. For your website- do you have access to data (eg via your website or Google analytics) to see what is happening, who is buying and what the behaviour of the user is?
Or if it is Etsy, are you being found on that platform?
As such this is what I suggest-
You have to tackle one platform at a time to understand what is the issue. See what data or info you can access and understand what is going wrong. Then once you know, you can then work to fix that
2. Product range- the initial impression is that you supply products for pets, however, you the branding and story of your brand seems to indicate that it is for pets and also non pet related? This is confusing and doesn’t create a cohesive brand message. Often this can create doubt and confidence in the brand and what they do
3. Branding on your own website- It is mainly product driven and no real branding here. As an unknown brand, it is important to help the visitor to understand what you stand for and what emotional value you can provide them. If you don’t already know, it is the emotive connection that helps convert.
As such, look at your branding, imagery and brand story that will help to convert this.
4. Messaging- it is key if someone is interested, what are you doing so that it removes any barrier to purchase. Eg guarantee? Reviews by others, example of the product worn?

Hope that this helps.