Kia Ora PawsFam – the good news is that you have a bunch of properties on the web. The challenge is getting people to buy. I am not a technical marketer so I will have to bow to the other experts – I have read a couple articles that I thought I would share with you hoping that they maybe helpful.

What I have been thinking is that you need to find your audience, your audience of sweet-spot customers who just like your product(s) and want to buy – if you can find them, then you can grow from there. The first question therefore, do you have some good customers who freaking love the products that you can talk to them – find out why they like them, and what it is about them that will help you work out if there is a group profile that you can then go and find ‘likes’ on the social/online world?


Core –

Facebook Marketing Tips

Non Core – but useful I think

If you get through all of these writings – they key is finding your audience and drilling into that.