Congratulations on the progress you are making so far with your business.

In terms of the right time – if there was an easy answer, everyone would be doing it!

I think there are two ways you can look a this question. The first is to develop a financial model taking into account all the outgoings for a potential store;
– rent
– power
– insurance
– staff
– stock damage/shop lifting
– advertising
– etc.

Then work out what you would have to sell to cover your outgoings, and whether you feel that is realistic with local demand. Do a bit of a best case (it all goes amazingly well) and worst case (tougher than you expected) so you can see your range of outcomes and risk in making that commitment.

Then compare the amount of time, energy and money you would be committing and ask yourself if there is another way to generate the same return that is worth considering.
– what if you increased your investment in your website optomisation, SEO, etc to grow sales?
– could you wholesale into more local and around NZ retail businesses to grow your presence and sales at a lower risk?
– could you do a pop up or local market day that trials the retail experience and gets some feedback? And maybe if not in you local town then somewhere nearby?

That planning and investigation is sure to clarify if now is the right time for you.
Best of luck, Vicky