Hi Rae

Good stuff reaching out. You’re getting some great advice here!

I won’t double up on the advice and just add a few of points to accentuate the advice:
– We see often that clients who write genuinely helpful content in their blog do well with their search results. Think carefully about the types of questions potential clients will be searching for and answer those questions in your blog.
– Make sure that your blog post titles and blog content contain the keywords people are searching for.
– I see you’ve used Flint to help set up your SEO content which is great. Please check out that Flint is recommending to get more of the keywords onto your pages as just having a keyword on the page once isn’t enough of a signal to Google as to what the page is about.
– Having a content plan / calendar of what you plan to produce is really important for creating accountability to keep producing content.

Also, be sure to consider how you can use your site to convert word of mouth referrals into new clients. I recommend adding your photo to your home page and a little taster of some of your credentials to lead people through to your about page. Also consider having logos for some of your key credentials that you have as these will be recognisable to others without needing to read the text.

Kind regards