Hi There RaeMac

Claire has given you some specific helpful advice on when to publish and where.

I would like to challenge you first to think carefully about your strategy with regard to your audience.
– How can you serve them?
– What will they buy from you (now and in the future)
– How can you create a personal, scalable business that doesn’t just trade hours for dollars?

A couple of specific bits of advice while you plan your content strategy
1 – Understand the needs of your customer
2 – Don’t give everything away for free
3 – Productise your services so they can be sold en masse [build up to this over time]
4 – Add on support products / services which serve the industry and underpin your area of expertise

This may sound complex – but it’s important to have a long term strategy of where you want to go with your freelance business before you get down into the detail of what to publish on Facebook this week.

May I recommend you sign up to Unemployable? https://unemployable.com/

Their podcast is called 7 Figure Small. This podcast and advisory course (paid) is built for people like you.
This episode published this morning “The Rise of the Personal Enterprise”.
It defines what a personal enterprise is, outlines the forces converging to make now the right time to get started, and describes what your revenue and audience building mindsets should be to get you started off in a way that can you support you now and scale later.