Hi Paul

One avenue to explore is joining our Design Partner community. It is a great group of designers and content creators. We have a private facebook group where the community are regularly supporting each other with advice. https://www.rocketspark.com/become-a-partner/

Our partner manager also is a great sounding board for our partner community and regularly provides ad-hoc mentoring to our partner community.

We have some great copy writers in the group who will build websites for simple projects and for the more demanding design tasks they’ll partner with designers in the community for a collaborative project. e.g. see Amanda’s story at https://www.quickbrownfoxnz.com/

We have our partner conference in less than 2 weeks also which is a great opportunity to come and learn from others in the community. One of the sessions I’m leading will be an interview with two great partners on how they’ve grown their businesses. It’s a perfect fit for what you’re after. There are just a few days left to register. Check it out here: https://launch.rocketspark.com/

We’ve had the privilege of watching design businesses like yours grow. The recurring theme for those most successful is to delight their clients with the quality of the services they provide and the word of mouth referral flows. They play the long game even with difficult clients and then they can charge well for their services and choose the projects they want to do. We have some blog articles written very much for your situation here: https://www.rocketspark.com/blog/tag/14/design/ (click the read more link to see them all).

I hope that helps.

Kind regards


PS. Check out https://www.process.nz/ as another avenue to connect with fellow creatives. The event is in Hamilton but there are always creatives from Auckland driving down so there could be a car-pool opportunity.