5) How do you offer unpaid leave (also known as Leave Without Pay or LWOP)?

Again, a change process needs to be adhered to. The multiple options you are considering as an employer need to be put to your employees, and what the intended outcomes of each of those options e.g why unpaid leave over paid leave, why redundancy over hours reductions etc.

You need to invite the employee to meet to discuss the change to employment terms, which would have to be digitally or over the phone. Allow them time to prepare and have someone with them if needed, then go through the options.

Remember, we cannot assume everyone has internet access. This obviously makes the process harder, but it still needs to be documented and followed if your employee doesn’t have access to internet, wifi or data so you will need to rely on phone.

Ensure that when you offer this as an means to retain employment, that you have a fixed period for this temporary change. It is important to provide certainty as much as you can to your employee, so you cannot leave it open-ended.