Good Morning Nequalah

Excellent time to get started and ‘vintage clothing’ certainly seems to be a thing, if I look at some of the people I know who are collecting and selling!

Do you have a site already, and/or are you going to join a marketplace to get started and reach bigger audiences as you build your brand and business word of mouth?

It is super hard to start with, that is really just a fact that no-one knows about you, and the word of mouth thing has not started yet – if you want to look at marketplaces, there are a bunch out there that can assist.

Where do you get a business loan without sales? The main banks will naturally want sales history to give them confidence before lending, unless they are lending against an asset like a family home and/or if they want to lend against your stock of clothing, albeit they will want history – so your only option really is borrowing the money secured against something you already own – this is super risky as if things don’t work out they can take action for repayment or non-repayment. Think hard about borrowing when you have much uncertainty.

What else can you do? Can you get initial supply of clothing on delayed payment over time? What other options to get you started to get revenue so you can start making margin to build up your track record?