Kia Ora BTP. What an experience you have had.

First thank you for your openness and honesty. You have been very brave both in starting your business in the first place, and the decisions you have made to prioritise your family. It takes a big hearted person to put those relationships first.

Second, despite all the challenges and set backs, I suspect you are optimist at heart, and I want to support that. Yes, in life you will meet many people who are not positive and do not add to your journey. Yes, there are people who are selfish and put themselves first – often because of their own difficult experiences. Yes, there are market forces that can constrain you.

It sounds as if there are some positive elements too – your partner’s career path (COVID impact to one side…), the generosity of your client who offered living space, albeit messy.

If you can meet all those challenges with positive values, a good work ethic and skill, you can prevail. That doesn’t mean keeping on working within a framework that won’t succeed. So pausing to review the best way forward is very smart.

You could reflect on these questions;
– when your business was at its best, you found you were still constrained on an hourly rate. Can you make your business work at that rate? Can you lift the rate? Am guessing you are comparing yourself to national chains there?
– due to your physical move, you now need to rebuild your client base. Can you do that in the current environment? Are there local competitors? What do you need to offer to win clients?
– Could you do that part time after hours and work for a business that gave you some short term income certainty?
– Do you have the heart and energy to try again? This is a big question. We all go through times in our lives when we have more energy (our health is great, kids are doing well, partner happy, family ok) and times when we have less. And that’s ok – its called being human. Where are you at?

Last thought. I grew up in a privileged family, lots of support, so lucky.
I worked (very) hard. I always extended kindness to others. Some of those ‘others’ turned out to be selfish, short term focused and duplicitous. After difficult reflection, I continued to show up, open hearted. And I have been consistently been met with kindness and support. I believe it’s the only only to live.

Hope that reflection is useful.

I am firm believer. Most people are good. Most people will help. Be the better person. Ask for what you need.

We’re here for you.