Welcome to the charitable sector!

The first place I’d point you to is Community Net which has a heap of free resources for charities – https://community.net.nz/.

Joining peak bodies is helpful to start building networks, identifying potential mentors, and finding out more about the wider sector. I’d suggest you start with Social Service Providers Aotearoa – https://sspa.org.nz/.

The best way to find what funding is available is through organisations who keep track of what’s out there. Try Generosity NZ – https://generosity.org.nz/ – or Strategic Grants – https://www.strategicgrants.co.nz/. They both are fee-based but will save you a huge amount of time searching yourself online.

Another way to identify potential funders is to find out who is funding similar charities and using that as a starting point to see if you meet their criteria. You can search for charities on the Charities Register – https://www.register.charities.govt.nz/CharitiesRegister/Search. Always reach out to the funding advisor for a philanthropic trust before applying. Will save you lots of time!

I also suggest you contact the DIA Community Advisors to ask for advice about funding and/or local contacts – https://www.communitymatters.govt.nz/how-we-can-help-and-where-to-find-us/

Nga mihi