I have checked out your online store it is lovely! In addition to the answers above, I would also add in there some good old fashoined ‘networking’
If you have not already done so or done so recently

1. Join some social groups on Facebook for pet owners who don’t mind sharing of resources and information, if it doesn’t have to be in NZ then look internatioanally as well. Contribute some of your blogs to add value and start to become recognised as an ‘expert’ making sure your blog leads back to you and your site, will increase traffic and brand awareness

2. Craft a friendly email sharing your blogs and products with vets and pet stores, you won’t get all of them interested but if you say sent out 10 direct ‘letters’ by email, and followed up with a phone call to see if they would like a sample sent or something like that, this strategy is gold when done well. Direct mail is not dead, in fact I find this process powerfull because poeple get tired of bulk advertising efforts, a personal phone call is the key, you can even get someone else to do this calling for you as long as you know they get your brand and have a script from you.

3. Meet up locally if you are able, with the same as the above, good networking connections are valid, make sure local interest groups and businesses know about your blogs and products and give them an incentive to share, perhaps a referral program, where they get a loyalty rewards for sharing, this can be shaped up so many different ways

hope those ideas help