Evening Lilah 🙂

I absolutely love the initiative you have started, the passion and desire to have a healthy country can be felt in your words.

I had the opportunity to watch your live tonight with the wonderful Rachel Adams (GM of Manaaki) and was very inspired (I was also the girl who was asking all those questions on the question stickers).

The other experts that have posted in this thread have made excellent points and also offered up some wonderful opportunities, what an awesome start to get your mind around the social platform and execution opportunities.

Going off my questions asked tonight from your live – Have you thought about setting up a Chooice Store ( http://www.chooice.co.nz ) and offering pre-sales of product via the Facebook group ( https://www.facebook.com/groups/Chooice ).

Chooice has created an phenomenal platform with an incredible reach to active shoppers. Posting on the group page comes at no cost as well so it is the perfect opportunity to test the market with some simple advertising.

I think creating a post similar to what Annabelle Lindberg said around a video campaign would be very well received in the Group Page.

The positive to posting in the Chooice Group (I would recommend posting as a personal profile and also as your business profile) is the opportunity to reach a great platform that currently has a following of 546.6k shoppers, majority based here in NZ and ready/wanting to support local business. There are also no limitations to how often you post as long as you follow the Chooice guidelines.

One other option that could be quite positive from posting on the group is the potential reach to Airbnb owners around NZ who could sign up to your subscription package. Nothing says live, love local like an awesome kiwiana bathroom.

I have spoken to Soleil (pronounced So-Lay) who is Director CX of the Chooice website and she has said that she is happy for you to contact her on support@chooice.co.nz to talk about possibilities on the platform and she is happy to help you to set up your store.

Hopefully this is able to help Lilah, can’t wait to see your growth and always happy to help you in the social sector.