Hi Gary,

A few content ideas of the top of my head:

Testimonials and review from happy clients; video interviews with clients 9must be snappy); tips on the local area – great butcher, cafe, etc to show your audience you are in their suburb; staff – new staff, birthdays, after work celebrations, staff profiles – to show your clients who will be cleaning their home; cleaning tips e.g. how to get into hard to reach places, clean a lounge suite, do something special; video from staff on why they love their jobs or their number one cleaning tip; surprise your first or best client with a big thank you gift and ask someone to film it; celebrate milestones and post to SM; do a great refer a friend offer.

Tips to grow – do the Facebook blueprint course which is a good way to upskill and then run some targeted ads with all of the above content in your local area for your exact demographic.

I hope some of that helps!