Kia Ora there – I asked one of our advisors who is just offline right now, here is what he said.

Good Morning Jkoem,

In answer to your question the first action to take as far as growing your market share and sales would be to make a list of all your prospective clients.

The second action would be to share this list with others in the industry that supply these prospective clients but don’t compete with you. The understanding is that you would refer these people to your clients as well. So very much a reciprocal arrangement.

The degree of separation in NZ is 1 -2. This works for business people like yourself as your contacts will likely know a number of these prospective clients.

The goal of your list would be volume. If you were to show me a list of 10 prospects in your region I might know one or two but if you were to show me a list of 100 I might know 10.

Selling in today’s environment is all about referred leads from trusted advisors.

If you have any other questions on sales or how this might work feel free to give me a call.

Brett Burgess (