Kia ora
As an experienced coach in business growth and start ups, my focus was always with businesses who had low capital or none when starting up.
Hiring the right business coach will be vital, one that has the experience that you specifically need, and in the area you are focussing your impact on.
I always make sure businesses know exactly what their unique selling point is in the market, especially for busy markets. It is a noisy world out there so working out what makes you stand apart in a succinct way that your target market understands is key.
1. DEfine your target market, thoroughly, where are they looking for services like yours, what do they need, what are their pain points, what gaps or problems can you solve or fill.
2. What is your unique selling point, or value proposition. It may not be what you do but the way you do it or your values that make you stand out from the rest
3. When you know those two things get someone who is very good with establising the language, and wording of your marketing and brand, so that the two things work together and hit the mark.

Networking is a great way to build a businss from the ground up, but even when networking you have to be clear on what you do and who you do it for, and be able to articulate this well.
If people don’t realy get what problems you solve and who for, they struggle to pass on or recommend your services

You are already getting work through word of mouth, I suggest you continue to build this, networking one on one meetings, business networking wth the right target audience in.

You can make a list of those you would love to do work for, and then set about meeting up with the decision makers, have your pitch nailed, know something about them.

Ask good questions, before delivering your solutions

In a digital world, people often focus on digital methods, but actually when it boils down to it, people use people they know like and trust, and we build this relationally.

I hope this all helps, it is a big topic.

When getting a coach ask some key questions, and see if they do a free discovery session first so you can get a good feel, don’t be afraid to shop around until you find someone who gets you, and your mission.

Nga mihi