Hi Jodi,
a couple of suggestions and further places to connect into below. I see you are a travel broker, my area is mostly involved in inbound tourism but these might be helpful to you especially if you are interested in changing roles and open to anything.
– the travel recovery will be in waves, starting local, domestic, Australia, etc, I would suggest refocus to start with how your services can swing into action to support New Zealanders to get together again, as we will be over meeting on line by then.. specials for local conferences, team building events etc.
– be proactive on Linked In and connect with businesses and people you might like to work with or promote to in the future.
– join the tourism industry community group in Facebook, there are over 600 people on here already sharing ideas and intel https://www.facebook.com/groups/647725352678015/
– Go to the Go with Tourism website https://www.gowithtourism.co.nz/ heaps of help and advice there, a lot may not be relevant to you though.
– If you need to look for a job or a new role later when things start to recover send your CV to emma.crabtree@tourismtalent.co.nz http://www.tourism-talent.com
– take the time create a business plan based on the outlook now, consider new target segments that maybe haven’t traditionally been your clients
– could you partner / join forces with anyone else and prepare to attack the market together when you can..?
– now is obviously no the time to go into promotion mode but certainly planning and strategy planning can be done

There will be pent up demand and desire to travel when we can so if you can hang in there, create products and packages that meet needs that mat be different than before.. you should do well later. Best of luck.