Morena – awesome you are setting up in business. There is this adage, about ‘working on the business, not working in the business’ – what that means to me is that you have to do both – working ‘in’ with customers and clients and building up your word of mouth. You also need to find the time to network, to engage with your target market so people know about you and refer you and use you. Initially, we get our best referrals from people who know us, so focus on those people that already have a connection with you, who know you and who would be happy to refer you to ‘strangers’ and then when those strangers use you, they will hopefully refer you.

However, you have to find ‘time’ to focus on these promotion efforts, and you have to find ways to test the different methods to see what works, what does not, so you can focus on that and dial down on them over time.

If you are not working ‘on it’ – you will not benefit from your pipeline of leads or referrals growing.

All the best – Andy