Hi Jeremy, I thought I might chip in here. You have some work to do. You need to sort your website out. All your services have the same copy. Whether it’s Vehicle Signage or Event Signage the copy says “Our vehicle and fleet capabilities are only limited by your imagination. We can provide all your signage requirements – no matter what size, shape or surface.”

This doesn’t give any confidence to the visitor about what you do. Ideally I’d also like to click into either Vehicles or Events and see a specific gallery of different signage you have done.

There appears to be some good quality work here but you just need to organise it better to give your site visitors more confidence that you are organised and on to it.

Use this time to fix this stuff up. Your web developers should still be working so do that now.

Also look at where you have been getting your work. Call each of your clients and contacts. Just talk to them about how they are going what they are doing. Be interested.

Once you have done that and tidied up your site then you could look at spending a little money on Adwords, display, seo to boost your site traffic and get some people calling you.

Use this time to get your site sorted so that it works hard for you when we’re ready to get going.