Hi there – a few thoughts and links.

The order of operations for starting up – https://www.ycombinator.com/library/61-order-of-operations-for-starting-a-startup


Pitch deck guides for raising capital –

Maybe why you should rethink raising capital – https://entrepreneurshandbook.co/6-reasons-why-you-should-not-raise-funding-and-bootstrap-instead-d56e397d2abd

If you would like a template business plan and financial model (might not be the right type for your business) – just email me at andy.hamilton@manaaki.io

There is lot there to work there – the simplicity of doing a business, is really about focusing on the users/customers in your target market, who are they, what evidence can you find that they want to buy your product, will they buy it, can you get traction early, and do you really need to raise capital?