Great ideas here already and I would add: Have a think about making a little video with a voiceover from you about how you work and who you serve best. That way potential clients will see the environment they will be in and get that ‘safe’ feeling that leads to imagining themselves being there. People will also get to resonate (or not) with you. You can create that feeling in a viewer so they can imagine how good it feels – our brain is good like that. Focus your copy on how people feel after working with you – testimonials, and maybe do a promotion with ‘the first 5 to respond get 50% off their first massage’ or some other value you can add – like: 10 top tips for maintaining health and wellbeing. Online is all about adding value and customers being able to perceive that value through the internet. No idea what you have tried already but by reaching out, your creativity might start flowing – ask everyone around you – what would make you buy a massage online? What is the biggest block from committing? Get curious and do some research. You don’t have to have all the ideas…only the motivation to hunt them down. You seem to have that. All power to your mission. Cheers, Amanda