Hi Taane,

What an exciting industry to join (I work for an ISP).

As a starter, be really clear on the value proposition of your business and how you will differentiate yourself from competitors/others in market. Be very clear that you can articulate the solutions and value that you provide (and ensure you use language your target market understands – at Voyager when speaking with small business owners, we want to talk their language – not Telco talk with over 1 million acronyms!)

Develop your personal branding statement – your catchphrase as to what your expertise is and what makes you unique – this you can use as a conversation starter when contacting prospects. Leverage your youth in this statement – along the lines of how you keep a pulse on the latest and greatest in technology and come forward with relevant and robust solutions.

Align yourself with industries, company size and complexities that will be a good fit with your business model.

Your ability to understand the needs of a business and deliver a solution is more important than how old you are. When you start to grow your business (linkedin will be a good channel for you, and consider becoming a dealer of an existing product / solution like https://voyager.nz/partners to be able to leverage their market positio/credibility also), be sure to ask for testimonials, referrals and five star google reviews.

All the very best, Angela