Hi Pepa – good to hear from you, sorry I was not that clear in my communication. Let me try again. What I was trying to say is that the programme for support requires applicants to be clear in their preparation, to have looked at the risks, the opportunities and to have presented a good business plan/business case that is itself then peer reviewed by an expert in the industry as to whether it is likely to succeed. So yes, the process from what I understand is quite thorough and challenging and can I think take some time – albeit this last point around timelines, I don’t actually have any data to prove that or not.

I wish I had more ‘data points to help’ you work through how easy or hard this process for suppport from MSD is. I also don’t know whether they are prepared to support existing businesses that have already started – that might be an issue.

Are you talking to an existing MSD case manager? Andy