Morena – and so good to see you and your group doing this in the Wairarapa. Wishing you all the best for the journey of service – my experience in this area is mostly around people and organisations trying to raise funding. What I have found is that when you are new, most funding comes from 1 or 2 circles of knowledge and connection. What I mean by that – it is the people that know you already that are most likely to fund you. Not strangers or people you have no relationship with. Unless, you can prove to those ‘new’ people that you can deliver the value to the people – in the startup land, we say, never raise money until you have proven something to your investors. So my challenge to you is to think about who you know already who might believe in you and your team – and see what funding you can get from them. 2ndly, what can you do to prove the value and utility of this in the region?

All businesses or organisations live from the stakeholders, customers they serve – so one thing to consider, what can you do right not to prove that your hypothesis that there is a need in the region right now, that shows the people that you are right about your belief of the need, and then might help convince locals to fund and support your organisation?