Hi Alex. Thanks for posting and Seasons greetings.
I agree with Andy’s advice and would add that we can only ever deeply trust in the intent of our mission to help keep the faith that our small steps are moving us in the profoundly right direction. You have clearly been adding may strings to your bow. We can’t know what is ahead but we can hold a clear vision and paddle that way. I often use that childhood game of ‘hot and cold’ to help – the one where someone hid something and the game was to find it with ‘hot/cold’ hints. We all have that barometer inside that indicates when we are ‘on track’ – feels profoundly right, and when we are ‘off track’ (often accompanied by doubt, excuses and reasons to keep going when we have an inkling it is not right (hot/cold). It is that internal compass that is worth tuning into and trusting. It’s in that inner space where insights arise and awareness grows, ideas pop in etc. To go back to Andy – what problem do you want to help solve? You are clearly purposeful so trust yourself and follow your whistle. We surely need more people like you seeking solutions. Start with vision and purpose and get researching what else is out there and where you can add value, and create a sustainable business. Ask lots of questions! All the best, Amanda