Hi Toby,

It’s a good pitch, and it shows the work you’ve already put in so far (along with the website). To try to overcome the problem of not signing up landlords of larger 3+ bedroom properties…

An important factor in this two-sided model is deeply understanding the customers on both sides really well. It sounds like you know students, and potentially landlords of smaller properties; but can you clearly articulate who the landlords of larger properties really are (Young families? Investors? 40-50 year old Professionals?), what they care about (risks vs rewards?), and what are the biggest problems that they need fixed?

Once you can do that, you can also find out where/how they congregate (Business events? Facebook groups?) and how they communicate to connect better. Once you have that, you can find out how they do business…

Have you got any contacts in that group already that you could buy coffees and listen to their needs (it’s not about you)? Are there existing networks you could start trying to connect with? I’m sure you’re already connected to some of those exact customers in the startup ecosystem already!

Without knowing them, you won’t be able to connect in a trusted relationship and easily show them how EasyRent will solve their problems. Good luck!