Hi. I would recommend picking up the phone and cold calling. Start in rural NZ / outside of Akld. They tend to be more receptive. Sales is contact sport. Often it takes 100 calls to get 10 prospects / qualified leads and 1 actual sale. Tone of voice is important. Make sure you stand and smile when calling. Practice in mirror prior. Be crisp on your value prop and point of difference. Think of yourself as a proactive doctor. You are here to help others, who may not yet know they have a problem. Focus on them, not your product / service. Get them to talk about their challenges, strategy etc. Ideally you will talk for less than 1/3 of the time on call. Be genuine / authenticate and persistent / tenacious / resilient. It will take time. You may need to adapt / tweak your pitch, business model or value prop. That’s fine and normal. Once you get your first dollar, it will get easier and provide the validation you need to scale.