It can be super hard raising capital when you don’t have a set of metrics and history. Often people say don’t raise $ until you have proven something, that your market rates and likes what you do. I would also say, finding the right type of investor is important – for example many investors don’t want to invest in tourism businesses not just because of Covid but also because they see the potential returns financially to be much lower than what you might get in a tech business or a manufacturing one.

What to do is (1) ideally, get started without having to raise capital (2) write your business plan/strategy for what you are going to do (3) work out how much money you actually need to fund the business and what your ideal profile of your investor would be (4) write up your pitch deck (5) go hunting for people that fit the ideal profile (6) pitch pitch pitch and pitch (7) if you get this far, then try to negotiate to get a deal.

But I would say the preference is to find a way to not have to raise investment – can you do it in other way?

Here are a couple links that might be helpful