Morena Trina – we are talking to a few of the experts and will get some input for you – so good what you are doing, and I have checked out the Instgram and Facebook pages – there is some nice following going on there – what so many people struggle with is getting traction and selling, which from what I can see you have got going well – awesome.

When I think about online (not technical) and products, I think about first, who is my target market purchaser or customer, where are they and how many could I make – if I think I know who is my target customer (from those that have bought from me so far) and I think I can approach more like them – then having a Shopify sight plus my Finding pages (Instagram, FB etc) will help me nicely build by business. But here is a thing – often the peeps just don’t turn up, you have to always be doing activity, doing content and even paying for adverts to get people to come. The other option is that you can where lots of ‘fish are’ so to speak – and you join up as well as your other pages with marketplaces like Facebook Shops or Konei or Chooice – and leverage off their eyeballs and users to sell more product – noting that you will have to pay commissions to those sites for bringing customers to you.

I suppose in all of these – there is not one channel that will do everything for you in digital/online – you have to try and trial multiple methods.

Also, here are a few links that might be helpful –
– How to create a social media posting schedule
– How to use Facebook for business
– How to use Google to get more business

I hope that helps.

Nga Mihi – Hammy