A tough situation to be in – all of the events industry has been disrupted this year, including museums and galleries. Great that you are considering what next, and of course there are no single right answers for your situation.

I am not sure what process you have used to consider the options in front of you. A good approach can be a creative type workshop where you work through what you are good at, and what at the different ways it could be applied across different offers, industries, and customers. It can be hard to go through that process yourself and often having an external person support you through that kind of reframing thinking can work well as they bring a fresh perspective. It would need some investment but it is assists you in reframing your business it will be so valuable.

ATEED has a list of providers who can assist in that space and if you have been an NZTE customer they can also make recommendations. I am not sure exactly where you are at, so hard to provide further thoughts, but if you are happy to share more ideas if you can share more of the business context.
Good luck! Vicky