Hi Grandpa Simpson

Echoing the experts above…. but bringing the focus more onto your website and how easy it is to use and how easy it is to find you in a search engine.

You need a regular outbound and inbound marketing strategy.
[background reading
https://www.hubspot.com/inbound-marketing ]

I did a quick test and your site scores 50 out of 100. There are a lot of simple things which could improve its find-ability.

See here https://imgur.com/2MF6xsC

I did a search on “collectibles diecast tractor” and you didn’t show up on the first page.

This may sound very complex, but you can find a Manaaki expert to help you with doing these tasks.

1 – Agree key words and search phrases relevant to your customers
2 – Revise home page to include popular products, testimonials, and articles showcasing your expertise.
3 – Find discussion groups online where collectors talk and meet (I searched for discussion collectibles diecast tractor) Join in and read what people write about. This gives you clues for point 1 above. Check out Quora, FarmToysForum.com, ToyTracktorTimes.com, YesterdaysTractors.com…. and join them all. Sign up to all their updates and newsletters.
4 – Show your expertise by joining in discussions (BUT not being salesy….)
5 – Re-use your discussion answers in your Facebook page and also on your site as articles / blog posts.
6 – Add a newsletter to your website. Read all the newsletters you get sent and re-write them about YOUR product range. Email this to past customers.
7 – Research trade shows and conferences where toy collectors visit (many will be virtual this year). Research prices for attending / showing so you can meet more people who could become customers.
8 – Set up a weekly list of repeating tasks to do (Read forums, read newsletters, write your newsletter, write on Facebook). Keep track of what is popular and what is not. Do more of the popular things.

That’s enough for starters…. but you get the idea of finding what toy collectors read and write and talk about,… and then doing it for yourself.