Morena – I am sure Spark are quite good at showing you and sharing the commercial options for you. I could also ask the people at 2degrees if they would have a chat with you to explore options.

Often we think about ‘what it needs to be when our dream is fulfilled’ and this thing is happening, working and helping women – it is awesome. However in the beginning it is really about ‘testing’ and ‘iterating’ without the full answer – what you want to do when you start is test out your belief around the need and how you can assist people, to insure your assumptions around the need and opportunity are valid – once you have that, you can then move onto other things on the list like charging and access.

So just have a think about how you can iterate you way into this – and unfortunately, there is often not any funding or money for startups, so you have to think how you can do it without any money/funding.

A useful article on ‘where to start’ – I have found this article quite good –