Hi Dion

It’s been super interesting to see the opportunities for business and helping each other that have come out of Covid.

I assume the subscription element is for people to subscribe now to pay for the purchasing and storage of their package. If I’ve missed the mark please let us know.

Some website builders like ours (Rocketspark) have subscription capability as a feature that enables you to create your own subscription business.

When exploring the options be sure to check out the capability of the subscription features of the provider. Some subscriptions just repeat bill a fixed amount of money rather than allowing the customer to manage their subscription to upsize or downsize so its worth spending some time trialing the solutions and talking to their customer success teams to see if the solution meets your needs.

We set up our subscription service to be easy to set up and manage. If you need more sophisticated subscription capability you might consider Shopify which has much more sophisticated plugins offering more choice for the set up for subscriptions but is more tricky to set up and more expensive. The best solution will depend on your needs.

Learn more about Rocketspark subscriptions here:

I have to be careful about providing legal advice so take this as unofficial advice to point you in the right direction but the key things to be aware of:

– Understand the consumer laws of NZ of which the consumer guarantees act is a key one to know. Check out this guide here:
– As you’ll be dealing with customer data you’ll want to be up to speed with privacy laws in NZ. This site has some free and premium templates from a NZ law firm: https://www.advisme.co.nz/smart-legal-documents
– With our Rocketspark website builder we had a NZ lawyer create terms and conditions specifically for NZ ecommerce clients. These terms cover off the key things to be aware of and guide you to create your own terms. https://support.rocketspark.com/hc/en-us/articles/115010276367-Editing-your-shop-s-terms-and-conditions.

I hope that helps.

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