Hi Papakura66, what a tough spot to be in – thanks for reaching out to us.

It can be hard when you know you are challenged and it seems to be the same for others around you too. Overall the economy is performing ok – outside certain area, so it you are in a tourist town is might be tougher.

I am not sure what you might have in place already, but it might be time to get some short term promotions going to get shoppers back into your store. Often when households are under budget pressure, cutting back on takeaways is one way to save money – great for households, not so great for you. Here are some thought starters, and you might need to work through them to see what will work for your particular business and customer base.
– value-add offers. If your customers are holding back from buying, but can you tempt them back with a value added offer rather than a straight discount – buy x and get y for free. If you sell drinks. Maybe even approach your suppliers and see if they could give you some help with cheaper drinks deals for a while as an example
– could you try a family meal deal, or a meal for one offer. Targeting different groups within your customer base that might work on different nights, maybe before a sports game or coming home late from work
– you could run a rotating special offer through different nights of the week – and see if you can get your customers to increase the number of times they buy from you a week with a different offer each night
– you can promote these types of offers in different ways- signage, letterbox drops, emails if you have a database of customers, and even local media. At the moment a lot of people want to support local businesses, so if there is a radio station or local paper that can also put the work out that might help as well.

Good luck! Vicky