Kia Ora, Renee – Well done on being bold on creating Pepi Prints. A great story and a great creation.

It’s interesting your comment about the Facebook ads generating interest but not converting. Are you targeting specific groups with these ads?

Would be great to understand who is your target market for Pepi prints? Are you targeting those where Te Reo is the native language? Or you trying to appeal more broadly to the wider NZ population.

As a non-native Pakeha (originally from the US and been here 27 years), you’ll have to pardon my ignorance on Te Reo. It’s soemthing I really do want to explore now that I find myself with more free time. As a non-Te Reo speaker, the words on the website are not understood by me. I had to use Google to understand Pepi. Much of the wording on the site is inaccessible to me. Things like the About Us page, wording on the posters and photo prints, and the shirts too. If you are targeting the wider NZ population, this may be an inhibitor. Is it possible to have English translations co-exist on the products?

Also, the target of babies limits to a narrow target market. Wonder if expanding to bringing Te Reo in to stories of families might extend the reach?

In terms of the product range, have you considered smaller sizes than A3? I am uncertain how many people would have wall space for A3 and large prints. Wondering if you could offer smaller options perhaps down even to A5 or A6. And, perhaps books as well where you can get family stories in Teo Reo and English interwoven.

Really inspired by the concept. If you can provide more clarity on the target market(s), the Manaaki community can provide further detailed thoughts! Go well!